Lauv Will Open Ed Sheeran's 2017 Asia Tour: Interview

Lauv at the Hot 100 Music Festival, 2017
Aaron Richter

Lauv photographed at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater on Aug. 20, 2017 in Wantagh, New York.

Lauv is having a huge year: He hit the Billboard Hot 100 Festival stage for the first time with a soulful performance, his global hit "I Like Me Better" has over 100 million plays on Spotify and over 10 million views on YouTube, and he announced that he will open for Ed Sheeran's Asia Tour later this year.

In this interview with Billboard Radio China, Lauv reveals the story behind "I Like Me Better," his musical influences and his message to his Asian fans:

Your song "I Like Me Better" has reached over 100 millions plays on Spotify, how do you feel about it, and what's the song about?

It's not even real, to be honest, it's really crazy, it's amazing. I wrote this song when I was 18. I was moving to New York, going to college, and I found love for the first time. I don't know who I was and who I wanted to be. The whole thing is my life was crazy, I don't really know where is it going, but you randomly found somebody, we were like "all I know is I feel better when I'm with you."

Who influences your music a lot?

It's always a tough question for me, because I feel like every year can be different, I grew up with so many different types of music, because I moved a lot growing up. But songwriters like Paul Simon and John Mayer, they are huge for me. There's a producer named Sam Gellaitry that I am really inspired by, and I would like to collaborate with. And I think Cashmere Cat is amazing as a producer. I think my all-time idol to work with would be Chris Martin from Coldplay probably; he's awesome!

Any message you want to say to your fans in Asia?

I wanna say a massive thank you to all my Asian fans, I get so many messages every day on Twitter, Instagram, e-mails, Facebook -- it's amazing! I know somebody created a Weibo for me, I was getting screenshots. And I just wanna say thank you so much, seriously, you guys are really incredible, I really appreciate it, I love you. As soon as I'm going be coming, I will let you know, I cannot wait, I will come to Asia whenever that is. I love you guys and thank you for supporting me!

Listen to the full interview with Lauv on <a href="">Billboard Radio China's 10 Questions</a>.

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