BP Valenzuela's New Song, 'Minimize,' is 'Straight From the Heart,' Nick Lazaro Says

Emmie Villegas
BP Valenzuela and Nick Lazaro

Since her 2015 debut album, The Neon Hour, electronic artist BP Valenzuela has been in constant work with musician and producer Nick Lazaro of MOONWLK and Twin Lobster.

Both have been busy, but the two managed to keep in touch and recently released a track they worked on together called "Minimize." Valenzuela said the track will be part of her forthcoming sophomore album, Crydancer.

Lazaro enthusiastically talked to Billboard Philippines about his experience working on the track with Valenzuela:

"It has been a while, and we had been both very busy with ourselves. But certain circumstances brought us back together, and the concept was to go to my office with literally no material. First we got sushi, bonded, and set aside two days where we would just create something rather than 'collaborate.'

"Day one was tough: I sat there and looped the simplest kick snare beat ever while we just listened. I was sick of playing keyboards and making "electronic" melodies, so I broke out a bass and just started messing around with it. Then she asked for my guitar and we started recording parts one by one. We then listened for a longer time, and she started writing lyrics -- most likely based on what we talked about during dinner.

"Day two is when I directed how she was going to sing her vocals. Her melody and lyrics came straight from the heart and I was just there to support and guide her. Then after a week of refining the song with more synths and transitions, 'Minimize' was born like a real song should.

"The song carries an honest and straightforward theme. Valenzuela's first record was more inclined to a 'pop-er' sound and at this pace people can expect that Crydancer would linger on more mature and experimental material. 'Minimize' is a great sneak peek to what else is coming."

Listen to "Minimize" here:
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