Lions & Acrobats Explain Why Their Sophomore Album is 'Mundane': Exclusive

Kara Bodegon
Lions and Acrobats

In just a year since entering the studio with producer Nick Lazaro, independent Filipino rock band Lions & Acrobats are set to release their sophomore album, Mundane, on Oct. 21. With a teaser released last week, they revealed the date of the launch.

"It's not the cover, but it'll be part of the album art along with other photos of food," vocalist Icoy Rapadas reveals to Billboard Philippines.

They plan to reveal show details by the end of September.

Rapadas previously shared that they were looking at giving each track singular titles or emojis, and has now confirmed that they stuck with the idea: "There's one song that doesn't have an emoji, so technically it doesn't apply anymore or that it even matters. We finalized the concept, and it may have taken a slight turn into a different direction."

Explaining the title of the record, Rapadas says: "[The album] revolves around the idea that things we perceive as mundane have qualities, or even stories that we don't know about that will suggest otherwise. We also thought it's cheeky to call an album Mundane. If you're an artist that's probably the last thing you want your art to be -- mundane, bland. But the harsh reality is that it probably is to people who don't or won't even try to understand, and that's okay.

"But, I guess what we're trying to say is that, maybe once we look past that, maybe once we try to see the depth of the body of work, and the stories it wants to share, it really is worth a second look."

Compared to their debut record, Points & Perspectives, the band toned things down in terms of arrangement.

"We kept it simple to give space for the song to shine," Rapadas explains. "With the lyrics, I've written mostly about things that people tend to overlook. We have a song about just not wanting to get out of bed. It may seem like a normal, 'mundane' thing, but there could be so many reasons for not wanting to get out of bed, and that's what we're trying to expound on with the concept, I suppose."

Check out their announcement teaser here:
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