How Argentine Singer-Skater Valen Etchegoyen Keeps Ego in Check at 18: Interview

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Valen Etchegoyen

Showcasing her talent on the skateboard and her urban pop style, Argentine singer Valen Etchegoyen has released "Luz En Tus Ojos," her latest single and video, on all digital platforms.

At just 18 years of age, she is becoming an icon of urban pop music, capitalizing on her status as an idol of the new digital generation, with more than almost a million followers on her social-media accounts.

"I'm careful with that. I may be a loving and suffering human being, but I had my own idols and learned a lot from them," she points out. 

A fan of extreme sports, she began to gather followers after plucking up the courage to show her voice by uploading videos of her singing covers. Her talent and her attitude were rapidly noticed by social media, and her fans put her among the most viewed, reaching a million views in a few days. Right now, she's preparing her debut album, and Etchegoyen is keen on participating on every step of the process.

"I've used many of the things that happened to me in my songwriting," she explains. 

Watch Valen Etchegoyen's "Luz En Tus Ojos" video here, and check out her interview with Billboard Argentina below:
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What do you consider yourself? An influencer, a singer, a performer, a songwriter?

All of them except songwriter. I am building my artistic side, although I have been doing it since I was a little girl. But I'm enjoying everything that's happening to me now, and that's all that matters.

You say you're not a writer but you do write.

I use many things that happen in life to make my songs, but I don't know how to put my thoughts into paper. I mean, I write, but from then on to write a song, I still got to work on it. But I sit with a friend, who's kind of my therapist, the one I tell everything that's going on with me, and out comes a song. 

You're working with pretty international sounds, far from Argentine pop. How did that come on?

It has a lot to do with me: I listen to a lot of foreign music. I like trap, electronic, that heavy sound. It's related to my thoughts. I want to do something that's new in Argentina, so to speak.

Do you feel you represent your generation? Your followers include many people on the 14-22 age group.

I think it's during that moment in life where you choose your idols. We look for them during our teenage years, we find them and only then we grow up. That's why teens are the ones that choose you as your idols and take a lot from you. I'm careful with that. I may be a loving, suffering human being too, but I had my idols and learned a lot from them. It is like learning from your parents, I think the same happens with the artists.

What did you learn from your experiences on YouTube?

I learned not to talk about my private life, because it is the only thing you have. It belongs to oneself.

A lot of things are happening to you. You're still quite young. How do you deal with egos?

I'm aware that many artists have difficulty in putting their feet on the ground once they've made it. That's why I'm holding on to the ground from the very start. I believe I'm a good person who thinks about the rest. I still need moments to think about myself. Who am I? What am I doing? Why am I doing it? What do I feel? What do I like? I need to find myself so as to not lose myself. The most important thing for an artist is to remember the things that make you a person, be it your friends, your family, your dogs.