Michel Teló Details Mission to Share Brazilian Sertanejo's Story: Exclusive Interview

Billboard Brazil
Michel Telo

Brazilian sertanejo singer Michel Teló, famous for the hit "Ai Se Eu Te Pego," is releasing his new album and DVD, Bem Sertanejo. On this project, he sings classic sertanejo songs and original ones.

Bem Sertanejo first started in 2013, as a segment on the TV show Fantástico, where Teló would interview and have a jam session with important names of the genre, focusing on older and classic artists. After that, it became a book, a DVD and a musical.

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"We wanted to talk about the history and the fun facts. People know the songs, but not the stories behind them. The segment worked out and we had this idea for the concert, telling some of the most important moments of sertanejo music," Teló explains exclusively to Billboard Brazil.

In Brazil, it isn't always easy to do research about old music, songwriters and artists. We usually stumble upon lack of documentation. To solve that problem, Teló appealed to his experience: "It's what I listen to since I was a child. Sertanejo would only play on AM radio. Then, it came 'Fio de Cabelo' by Chitãozinho & Xororó, in 1981, the first big hit, which made sertanejo start being played on FM radio.

"Before them, we had Tonico & Tinoco, that started everything, the biggest ones from the beginning, between the 1950s and 1960s. And a little bit from my own experience… We would sing Milionário e José Rico during family barbecues," he recalls.

That makes Michel Teló a researcher? "No, not at all. We just love the genre. It's a project that can go on forever because the sertanejo music is so rich, there's so many stories to tell, so many artists."

In the musical, Teló got to act and sing with a big cast, to tell these stories. And there's a plan to tour it for another season. "We traveled to seven cities and all the sessions were sold out, we had extra ones. Who knows? We can have some more between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. I didn't expect it would be so well received."

Listen to Michel Teló's new project here:
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