Watch Brazilian Singer Blubell's Intimate New Video Created Entirely by Women

Allan Richner


Brazilian singer Blubell released the video for her new single "Liberdade x Segurança" on Thursday (Aug. 10), made entirely by women.

The idea was to show women expressing what freedom ["liberdade," in Portuguese] means to them. Blubell invited women she admires and wanted to get closer to.

"We gave them a lot of freedom," the singer shared. "There wasn't a script; we only decided the cinematography. Each one made it in a different way. My role was to break the ice, let them feel free. It was the most pleasant set I've ever worked in."

The highlight of the production is the finesse in which the idea of freedom for different women is portrayed onscreen, including small details that only a woman can capture the essence of.

One of the woman invited, Amanda Souza, is responsible for one of these tender moments, when she's shown taking off her bra, a silly habit that means so much for women: "I decided to get naked to show, metaphorically, that now I'm free to show my body," Souza shared. "I'm the younger fat representative, and I felt like I had to do it."

Souza said she wouldn't have felt that comfortable if men were working on the production: "The initial idea was to take off my bra, but I ended up getting fully naked. It was a moment of sorority, an amazing energy. Maybe a man wouldn't have the sensibility to make a video like this."

Blubell believes that exposing the issue of gender equality is important to start a conversation on the matter. "I'm not an artist who thinks that everyone should be an activist," she said. "I think art doesn't have this duty, but it's good when it brings up questions. It doesn't have to give you an answer, but start a conversation. I'm afraid to impose an opinion. But gender equality is latent now. It's time to exchange experiences, get together, find out what we have to get rid of and what we should hold on to."

The song "Liberdade x Segurança" is from her 2016 album, Confissões de Camarim.

Watch Blubell's video for "Liberdade x Segurança" here:
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