Conscious & the Goodness Offer Ode to Philippine Indie Scene With 'Lambing' Video

Mike Constantino of Conscious & the Goodness
Kara Bodegon

Mike Constantino of Conscious & the Goodness at Get-Music IndieGo.

Filipino independent soul band Conscious & the Goodness delivered their "ode to the Philippine indie scene of 2017" with the release of their video for "Lambing."

Shot in Saguijo, the "Lambing" video features several prominent acts in the local scene that Conscious & the Goodness call "the future of OPM" (Original Pilipino Music), including Asch x Value Meal, Banna Harbera, Ben&Ben, The Espasouls, Jensen and the Flips, Luna, Ninno and Rob and the Hitmen.

Check out the official video for "Lambing" here:
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