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Watch Rusty Machines' 'What Went Wrong' Video, But Not If You're Queasy

Courtesy of Rusty Machines
Rusty Machines

Filipino rock band Rusty Machines recently launched their music video for "What Went Wrong."

The Wide Eyed Records artists' video -- directed by Petersen Vargas and starring Leandro Fabregas and Gen Reyes -- is "a sequence of events that oscillate between reality and imagination as a relationship unravels."

Light-hearted and humorous, the video contains references to the movies Groundhog Day, Say Anything and even The Dark Knight. Oh, and be warned, there's some vomiting, in case you're queasy.

Watch the video for "What Went Wrong" here:

"What Went Wrong," from Rusty Machines' upcoming debut album, is available on Spotify.