AKB48 and Arashi Dominate Physical Sales in SoundScan Japan's Mid-Year Charts

Courtesy of Billboard Japan

SoundScan Japan has reported the 2017 mid-year tally for physical-format audio/visual releases, based on the point-of-sale data of the items sold in independent CD/video retail stores, chains and mass merchants, book stores, electrical appliance stores, convenience stores and online (e-commerce) during the tracking period of Jan. 2 through July 2.

The total sales figures for physical music releases for 2017 was about 134 billion yen (1.2 billion USD), from approximately 50.6 million copies sold. The total for audio (CD albums and singles) was about 96.9 billion yen (858 million USD) from about 45 million copies. The total for visuals (DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc.) was about 37.1 billion yen (329 million USD) from about 5.6 million copies.

Arashi comes in at No. 1 with over 4 billion yen (35.4 million USD) in terms of total physical- format audio and visual releases. AKB48 is No. 2 with approximately 3.6 billion yen (31.8 million USD) and Nogizaka46 is No. 3 with approximately 3 billion yen (26.5 million USD).

AKB48's "Negaigoto No Mochigusare" sold about 2.65 million copies, "Shoot Sign" sold approximately 1.35 million, and Nogizaka46's "Influencer" sold a little over a million copies.

Johnny's boy bands dominated the top 3 in terms of total visual releases. Arashi topped the ranking, marking approximately 2.7 billion yen (23.9 million USD) in sales. Hey! Say! JUMP came in second with about 1.2 billion yen (10.6 million USD), and Kanjani8 came in third with 1.1 billion yen (9.7 million USD).

See the top 10 for physical albums, singles and visual releases:

Top 10 Physical Albums
1. Thumbnail, AKB48: 701,000 copies
2. The JSB World, Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe: 460,000 copies
3. Ambitions, One OK Rock: 350,000 copies
4. Jam, Kanjani8: 338,000 copies
5. Umarete Kara Hajimete Mita Yume, Nogizaka46: 317,000 copies
6. Yuzu Iroha 1997-2017, Yuzu: 272,000 copies
7. Encore, back number: 266,000 copies
8. Music Colosseum, Kis-My- Ft2: 213,000 copies
9. SMAP 25 Years, SMAP: 210,000 copies
10. The Kids, Suchmos: 161,000 copies

Top 10 Physical Singles
1. "Negaigoto No Mochigusare," AKB48: 2,650,000 copies
2. "Shoot Sign," AKB48: 1,356,000 copies
3. "Influencer," Nogizaka46: 1,014,000 copies
4. "Fukyouwaon," Keyakizaka46: 818,000 copies
5. "I'll Be There," Arashi: 476,000 copies
6. "Tsunagu," Arashi: 415,000 copies
7. "Bagutte Iijan," HKT48: 406,000 copies
8. "Chi, Ase, Namida," BTS: 335,000 copies
9. "Over the Top," Hey! Say! JUMP: 318,000 copies
10. "Naguri Gaki Beat," Kanjani8: 290,000 copies

Top 10 Visual Releases
1. Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017: Are You Happy? Arashi: 694,000 copies
2. Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence): 266,000 copies
3. Kanjani's Eightertainment, Kanjani8: 226,000 copies
4. Hey! Say! JUMP Live Tour 2016 Dear / Hey! Say! JUMP: 205,000 copies
5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, MovieNEX: 200,000 copies
6. HiGH&LOW The Live, V.A.: 194,000 copies
7. Exile Atsushi Live Tour 2016 "It's Show Time!!" Exile Atsushi:130,000 copies
8. Music Video Tour 2010-2017, Gen Hoshino: 125,000 copies
9. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: 119,000 copies
10. Johnny's West 1st Dome Live 24 Kara Kansha Todokemasu, Johnny's West: 105,000 copies