Volts Vallejo Reflects on Being One Music PH's First Signed Artist: Interview

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One Music PH
Volts Vallejo

The dude is blessed with good looks and musical talent. And, with a stint on The Voice Philippines plus the Metro Manila Film Fest-nominated song "Hey Crush" from the hit movie Vince and Kath and James, Volts Vallejo is poised to cast his own shadow under the limelight.

The singer-songwriter just released his first EP, produced by Rox Santos under the music portal One Music PH, which is under the network titan ABS-CBN. He is One Music PH's first signed artist.

Vallejo's EP features five of his compositions plus a cover of VST & Co's "Ikaw ang Aking Mahal" with stylistic references to jazz, pop and alternative music, a reflection of his influences ranging from Parokya Ni Edgar to *NSYNC.

According to Vallejo, "I tell stories of love ("Hey Crush"), heartbreak ("Anuna"), and other scenes (forgiveness on "Sorry Sorry Sorry Na Kasi") that people can relate to. I use terms people use and fit them in a melody that has 'recall.'"

Who were your first musical influences? Who do you currently listen to, either to learn or to just enjoy?

My first musical influences were Parokya ni Edgar, Nyoy Volante, Michael Jackson, *Nsync and Paolo Santos. And now I frequently listen to Bullet Dumas, Tj Monterde, Keiko Necesario, KZ Tandingan, and I still listen to Nyoy Volante. Both to learn something from their music and to enjoy.

Please describe your songwriting process. Do you start with a concept, a word or a chord? Or does everything just fall into your creative lap?

Whenever I write songs, I start with a concept and then from that concept I start imagining a music video! And when I imagine the scenes in my mind, I try to think of the words and melody that would best fit the scene.

Are your songs based on personal experiences?

Almost all of my songs are based on someone else's experience -- more on my friends' social media posts! There was this person trying to move on from a heartbreak and so I came up with "Tatapangan." Then there was a time when the term "anuna" was trending and I thought, 'Why not use the wordplay in a song?' and so I came up with "Anuna."

You're the first signed artist of One Music PH. Does the idea put any sort of pressure on you? Like you have to set some sort of precedent artistically or commercially.

Yes! I really feel pressured whenever I think of it. There are so many artists out there who are definitely better than me, who probably have started out their career and artistry for many years now. Whenever I feel the pressure I just let my mind swim back to its core goal which is to enjoy music, just pure enjoyment of listening to songs. And I told myself that even if I am just a newbie in this industry I would just continue what I have always done that brought me to wherever I am right now, and that is to expect nothing and just work hard.

Who do you consider your peers, musically? Who do you wish or dream to collaborate with?

My artist friends Keiko, Ace Dyamante, Zandra Duritan, Jam Manalo and Joey Ognita. I wish to collaborate with Nyoy Volante, RB Kidwolf, Rox Santos, Mark Marcos and Kiko Salazar.

What's your schedule so far?

On July 20 and 21, OPM on the Move at Amphitheatre of Maybank Performing Arts Center, and July 28 at OPM Music Event at Primos Bar.