Donny Pangilinan Signs Universal Philippines Deal, Aims to 'Inspire People'

Donny Pangilinan
Psylocke Antonio/Billboard Philippines

Donny Pangilinan

Some people may know him as the son of Filipino celebrity couple Maricel Laxa and Anthony Pangilinan, but Donny Pangilinan has countless other facets to his personality beyond what the spotlight covers.

As young as he is at the age of 19, he already dons several different hats: actor, model, TV personality, basketball varsity player, triathlon athlete, passionate traveler, self-taught pianist, and now, recording artist.

'“I like being a part of a lot of things. Every opportunity that is given to me, I really try my best to give as much effort as I can,” he said.

In June, Pangilinan signed his contract with Universal Records Philippines for his upcoming recording project. The details regarding the album have yet to be revealed, and as the teenage star puts it, “This is my first time doing something like this so I want people to be shocked.”

However, he drops a hint on the possible genres that the singles may have, mentioning R&B, house, EDM, and generally chill-out good-vibes music. We also may or may not hear a tinge of some of his musical influences, such as Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and his uncle, the Philippines’ very own Gary Valenciano.

With apparent excitement and passion in his voice, Pangilinan shares that he will be “very involved and will help in terms of writing process and in producing” the album and reveals his intention to focus on his own sound.

Aside from the purpose of preserving the element of surprise, he scrimped on further details regarding his ongoing production work with Universal Records. His brief anecdote about how he learned to play a musical instrument might be a clue on how he takes on his projects: "I play the piano. I taught myself, actually. I was supposed to take lessons, but then after a few weeks, I started getting used to it. I started reading all the chords by myself and I was like, 'I don't think I need lessons anymore.' But obviously I'm still trying my best to improve. It was really hard though. Sometimes I won't sleep. I get so mad at myself that I have to perfect it."

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At a young age of endless possibilities and with an innate sense of dedication, Pangilinan's music endeavor is a promising act to look forward to.

"The number one purpose is to inspire people and making sure that what I do gives a smile or changes people's lives," he adds.

Donny Pangilinan's first single will be released by the end of July in advance of his album under the label.