If Moby Accepted Trump Inauguration Invitation, This Would Be His Playlist

With the inauguration quickly approaching, people are wondering if more performers will be added to President-elect Donald Trump’s lineup, joining the already announced Jackie Evancho, Big & Rich and Cowboy Troy. Well, what about Moby?

The electronic-dance trailblazer took to Instagram earlier Monday (Jan. 9) to reveal that the Trump camp allegedly reached out to him about DJing at one of the inaugural balls. Moby hasn’t pulled any punches about his feelings toward Trump in the past, responding to Trump’s election victory in November with an open letter to America in which he referred to Trump as “a dim-witted, racist misogynist” and stating he “will be the worst president our country has ever, ever seen.”

Still, in Moby’s Instagram announcement -- amid a lot of laughter -- he sarcastically wrote that he would possibly consider it “if as payment #trump released his tax returns.”


Though it was said in jest, after briefly mentioning in the post he “would probably play Public Enemy and Stockhausen remixes,” we couldn’t help but wonder: What else would Moby play if he actually accepted the job?

So Billboard reached out to Moby to find out just that, and he compiled his hypothetical playlist for your listening pleasure.

Listen to Moby’s Trump Inaugural Ball playlist in all its glory below:

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