Watch Demi Lovato's 'Confident' Performance With 'American Idol' Top 10

Ray Mickshaw/ FOX
Demi Lovato performs "Stone Cold" on American Idol on March 3, 2016.

She also sang the emotional ballad "Stone Cold."

Demi Lovato returned to the American Idol stage for a powerful performance of “Confident” and “Stone Cold” on Thursday night’s (March 3) results show.

Lovato was joined by the Idol top 10 on “Confident,” with Mackenzie Bourg, Dalton Rapattoni, Lee Jean and Trent Harmon on guitars while the ladies -- LaPorsha Renae,  Sonika Vaid, Olivia Rox, Tristan McIntosh, Avalon Young and Gianna Isabella-- assisted on vocals. Rox, who sang "Confident" on Idol a couple of weeks ago, was one of the singers who got a solo part on the song.

Lovato then took center stage herself for the intense ballad “Stone Cold.”

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In an interview with Idol host Ryan Seacrest, Lovato discussed her forthcoming Future Now tour with Nick Jonas, saying she can’t wait to perform “new music.” “We want it to be extremely interactive,” she said. “That comes down to the performances, but also the smell when you enter the arena.”

Not missing a beat, Seacrest asked what that would “smell like.” “The Future Now tour,” she answered.

Lovato has been on Idol previously, appearing with Joe Jonas on season 9 and in 2014.

Watch below: