Kelly Clarkson Brings Her Daughter to 'American Idol'

Michael Becker / FOX
Kelly Clarkson performs on American Idol XIV airing Wednesday, April 1, 2015. 

Past, present and future collided on Wednesday night when Kelly Clarkson returned to the place she kickstarted her career with her baby girl, River Rose Blackstock, in tow.

Clarkson wasn't back on American Idol simply to show her kid around her old haunts -- the first Idol winner was on hand to help mentor the contestants. One of them, Joey Cook, actually covered Kelly's "Miss Independent" (brownnose alert!) on Wednesday night, which Clarkson revealed is "my favorite song still to perform live."

Cook wasn't the only contestant to impress the Alpha Idol. After seeing Quentin Alexander, Clarkson told Seacrest, "I want to make sweet love to those amazing eyes."

Whatever you say, Kelly. You're the boss.