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'American Idol' Introduces Twitter Save

Ryan Seacrest American Idol
Michael Becker / Fox

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

American Idol is taking a page out of The Voice playbook with the first-ever Idol Fan Save.

The save will give viewers the power to rescue one fan favorite from extinction for an additional week with the help of a Twitter hashtag.

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During the show, host Ryan Seacrest will announce which two contestants are in the bottom two and will give out their "save" hashtags. Viewers will have five minutes to tweet their choice, determining which singer will get to stay.

Once the Idol Fan Save window closes and the hashtag votes are collected, Seacrest will send another vocalist packing.

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Fans on the West Coast can get in on the action by following along on Twitter or by watching a special live stream through the website. Be warned: This will spoil the results for those who cannot watch live on East Coast or Central Times.

What do you think, Idol Worshippers? Is this a good idea?