Jake Paul Wishes His Fans a Merry 'Litmas' With a Very 2017 New Holiday EP

Dan Carmody
Jake Paul

"The songs are a fun spin on the traditional songs I remember growing up with and listening to with my family," Paul tells Billboard.

The holidays are meant to be spent surrounded by family and friends, so it only makes sense that Jake Paul is spending this Christmas with brother and fellow social superstar Logan and Rae Sremmurd's Slim Jxmmi -- oh, plus his millions of social-media followers too -- on the just-dropped Litmas EP.

The six-song set with Team 10 includes the previously released title track, featuring Jxmmy, as well as an all-in-the-family spin on a holiday hit with Logan, naturally titled "Jingle Pauls."

"For my holiday album, I wanted to make music for the season in a way that felt authentic to myself and what the younger generations are thinking and wanting to hear," Jake Paul tells Billboard. "The songs are a fun spin on the traditional songs I remember growing up with and listening to with my family."

"12 Days of Christmas" is also in the mix, but this isn't just a cover of the Christmas classic (we don't remember 11 vloggers vlogging in the original…). It's all part of Paul's expanding music career, which started with his Billboard Hot 100 debut "It's Everyday Bro," featuring Team 10, in June and continued with his Erika Costell collaboration "Jerika," featuring Uncle Kade, which also managed to crack the Hot 100 in August. Clearly, fans who met Jake via Vine or YouTube are welcoming his musical evolution with open arms.

"For me, the greatest thing about living in the digital era is the ability to not only be able to express myself creatively, but to also be able to create and distribute content on a daily basis that is relatable to my audience," Paul tells Billboard of his prolific pace. "Music is something that I have always been interested in and incorporated into my videos. After releasing my debut single earlier this year and collaborating with artists like Gucci Mane and Jxmmy from Rae Sremmurd, I realized it's not only something I enjoy, but more importantly is another way I can connect to my fans."

Paul's ready for some Litmas self-reflection this holiday season, keeping the focus on his personal and professional growth. "This past year has been all about pushing myself harder than ever before and exploring all aspects of life," he says. "I am excited at what I've accomplished both personally and professionally and am looking forward to seeing what new avenues lie ahead."

Listen to Litmas below: