Saweetie, Camilo, Conan Gray & More On What They Want Out of the 2021 Grammy Ceremony

Cristian Saumeth


The upcoming Grammys have a tough act to follow: the unprecedented year that was 2020. Ahead of the ceremony — slated for Jan. 31, 2021, which will celebrate the music that sustained us all through a tough year — artists across genres answered the following question: 2020 has been unlike any other for the industry and the world. Why do the Grammys matter this year — and what do you want out of the show?

ALUNA: "This year's Grammys are a chance to recognize the perseverance of artists who didn’t let COVID-19 stand in the way of their creativity and made sure fans had art to help them through the most tumultuous year of our lifetime. It’s also a chance to honor Black artists who, in the face of the amplified realities of racial injustice, shared a real piece of themselves, not just a black square."

Mickey Guyton: "This year has been so different.  Many artists, including myself, have had to write and record music in isolation.  We haven’t been able to share this music live, so our connection to our fans is all through the recordings we’ve made.  Music has given us an avenue to share our fears, faith, hope and love. During a time when we’re having to be separated from people, music continues to bring us all together and I hope we can celebrate this around the Grammy Awards show."

Conan Gray: "Music has always been a way for me and my friends to process our emotions, and with such a tumultuous year we’ve all faced, music has grown to become such a comfort and aid in the deluge of feelings this year has brought on. The Grammys this year will be a moment for all of us to appreciate and support the music that supported us through 2020. We’ve all spent so much of the past year in confusion and discomfort; I hope the show is a celebration of what music has done amidst it all — provided solace, joy, and a voice to all of us during these unprecedented times."

Lucky Daye: "After so much going on in 2020, the Grammys mean hope. It gives us something to fight for. It’s a reminder for us to continue to strive for a better place to live, for a better world."

Saweetie: "The Grammys still matter because it’s the biggest award an artist can receive. I realized how much I miss live shows during this pandemic. I want it to feel like I’m at a concert."

Phoebe Bridgers: "It’s always just been so entertaining. My mom always makes clam dip and we sit on the couch with a Costco bag of Ruffles and whatever mayonnaise-based dip is near. Anything that people can watch from home that makes them feel better I think is good. I usually don’t watch every award show — but I always watch the Grammys."

Camilo: "2020 has been a complex year full of challenges for everyone. It is the responsibility of music to bring color to the world and raise the flags of hope, of love, of positive energy, of beauty, and of light. In this difficult year we will always remember, now more than ever, it is important that artists continue to give it our all, all the colors we represent, to bring light to people’s lives. This is why I believe that the Grammys this year are so important. To participate in this edition as part of the generation of artists with this responsibility is an honor for me, my team, my family, and for La Tribu."

A version of this article originally appeared in the Dec. 12, 2020 issue of Billboard.