Dua Lipa Says New Album Is 'Nearly Done,' Calls Performing With St. Vincent at Grammys 'Epic': Watch

Dua Lipa stopped to chat with Billboard’s Keith Caulfield on the red carpet at the 2019 Grammy Awards on Sunday (Feb. 10), discussing her Grammy nominations, her performance with St. Vincent, and her next album.

Asked how it feels to be nominated for Best New Artist (which she ended up winning later in the evening), Lipa tells Billboard, “Being a British artist and getting that recognition is crazy enough. It’s exceeded all my expectations, so I’m very grateful to be here, and among so many killer women.”

Lipa also took to the stage during the Grammy show to perform with St. Vincent. Speaking of the collaboration, which was arranged by the show, the singer said that she feels “very lucky” that it all came together the way that it did. She also reveals that she made a “good friend,” calling St. Vincent “epic.”

In the interview, Lipa chats about her track “Swan Song,” as well, which she wrote for the film Alita: Battle Angel. Asked how it is different creating a song for a movie versus for herself, Lipa replies, “Because it was so far removed from what I was doing with my personal project, it’s very exciting to just experiment and write something else and write something that you already have a concept for, and of course you’re speaking about things that are very close to your heart, but it’s a completely different kind of feeling when you’re doing it.”   

As for when fans can expect her next album to be released, Lipa plays coy, stating with a smirk, “I think I’ll be done in…I don’t want to say it.” Asked if the songs are nearly done, though, she states, “Pretty much. Yeah, I think so. I’m still writing a bit more, but I think I’m nearly done.”

You can check out the full video interview with Dua Lipa above.

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