PJ Morton Says 'Amazing' Collaboration With JoJo Is Due Out 'Real Soon': Watch

PJ Morton caught up with Billboard’s Desire Thompson on the red carpet at the 2019 Grammy Awards on Sunday (Feb. 10), chatting about the inspiration behind his song “Claustrophobic” and teasing an upcoming collaboration with JoJo.

Asked about the inspiration behind his song “Claustrophobic,” Morton says that the song is the reason he went back home to New Orleans. “I was still living here in L.A., and taking meetings about my music and saw that people were really trying to change who I was, and trying to make me into what they thought I should be,” he says.

“I felt claustrophobic in that and ended up going back home to New Orleans, and making one of my best works that's been nominated now back-to-back years, so it's pretty crazy, pretty exciting,” he continues. “The reception, and how it's resonated, is the reward for deciding to stick to my guns and be who I wanted to be as an artist.”

Morton also opens up about dream collaborations and even teases an upcoming and rather unexpected team-up that is in the works.

“There's some rappers I wanna work with,” he replies. “I wanna work with Kendrick, I wanna work with Chance. Leon Bridges is a homie of mine that I wanna do some music with. Luke James…it's a good time for R&B.”

Morton also reveals that he just worked on a track with JoJo, adding that while he can’t reveal much more about it, he thinks that an announcement is coming out early this week. “You'll be happy,” he says. “That's all I can say about it. And she sounds amazing. I got her down to New Orleans, and we worked on some music, and we're about to give it to the people real soon.”

You can check out the full video interview with PJ Morton above.

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