Khalid on Time's Up: 'The Fact That Everybody Is Standing Up for Something That Needs to Change Is Awesome'

Khalid took some time to catch up with Billboard on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (Jan. 28), speaking about being nominated for five Grammys and what the Time’s Up movement means to him.

Back in January 2014, Khalid tweeted, “I want to go to the Grammys one day.” Reflecting upon attending the Grammys as a nominee four years later, he says, “It’s so crazy, I mean that was a dream. Me tweeting that, I was probably hanging out with my friends, I was probably going out for pizza, and that’s the first thing that popped up in my mind was like, ‘I wanna go to the Grammys one day’ and the fact that I’m here, alongside so many beautiful, talented artists who I look up to… it’s ridiculous.”

Asked how he feels about the R&B genre in 2018, the "Young Dumb & Broke" musician says it is “gonna be killing it. Last year was so amazing. You have Bruno, who’s outstanding, you have Childish… I’m not even ready for 2018 myself but I know it’s gonna be awesome.”

Khalid also discussed the Time’s Up movement and Grammy attendees wearing white roses to acknowledge it, explaining that to him, the movement means equality. “I feel like this is something that should be talked about everywhere,” he shared, “no matter what the workforce is, and the fact that everybody, not even just myself, the fact that everybody is standing up for something that needs to be talked about, something that needs to change, is awesome.”

You can watch the full interview with Khalid above.

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