Portugal. The Man at Grammys 2018: 'We're All About Hard Work'

Portugal. The Man stopped by to chat with Billboard on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (Jan. 28) to discuss the success of their song “Feel It Still” and to give fans an update on new music.

Asked how it feels to have a song become a hit on the charts eight albums into their career, bassist Zach Carothers says, “There’s amazing artists that come out of nowhere that are just amazingly talented. We weren’t those people -- we had to work for a while and get better… We had to play thousands of shows, we had to make those albums and keep getting better, and we’re all about hard work, and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

“We like the struggle,” he adds. “We like sleeping in vans and eating rice at rest stops and it feels good to look back on the journey that we’ve done and all that it took to get there and get this nomination [for best pop duo/group performance] is huge for us.”

Speaking of new music, vocalist John Gourley revealed that the band has been working on new material. “We seem to be the most creative the second we finish records, and watching the success of this song just makes me wanna try harder,” he shared. “I think that’s the whole point. I see a lot of people say you just make the music you wanna make and just love what you do, and that is what we do, but I wanna write the best songs we can. I think that’s our goal -- just try to get better.”

You can watch the full interview with Portugal. The Man above.

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