Dua Lipa Talks 'Soulful' New Album, Calls Lorde 'Brilliant'

Dua Lipa took some time so speak with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs on the red carpet at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala on Saturday (Jan. 27), where she chatted about the proudest moment in her career, what fans can expect from her new album and her love of Lorde.

Lipa, who just scored her first Billboard Hot 100 top 10 with “New Rules,” says she is “over the moon” about it. She also expresses pride over her debut album, explaining, “I’m proud of having the opportunity to put it out there and put my story out there in the hopes that somebody might be able to relate to it and see that we’re all not so different at all and we all kind of go through the same things, and that’s been a massive milestone for me.

“I’m really excited to work on the next album and start a new chapter to my life, she adds, “because I feel like I’ve been reliving those moments for such a long time, that now I’m ready to create new ones.” Speaking of her next record, Lipa says that it will still be pop, but that it is “definitely leaning a lot more towards a bit more soulful.”

Asked if there is a song from the past year that she wishes she has written, Lipa names Lorde’s “Liability,” explaining, “I think she’s brilliant and such a great songwriter and that song, it hits home.”

You can watch the full video interview with Dua Lipa above, where she also discusses being a female in the music industry, hints at upcoming musical collaborations and talks about her appreciation for JAY-Z.