James Corden Recaps the Grammys in 'The Late Late Show' Monologue

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Video still of James Corden recapping Grammys night on Feb. 13, 2017.

Following James Corden’s big night hosting the Grammys on Sunday, he gave a brief recap of the awards extravaganza Monday night on The Late Late Show.

"The Grammys were last night," Corden said kicking off his monologue. "Don't tell me what happened, I DVR'd it."

The host then brought up a couple of standout Grammy moments -- with some comedic flair of course.

Touching on Adele’s “moving tribute” to George Michael, Corden references her restarting the song, joking, "When she did that, America was like, 'Wait, we can just redo things after we mess up? Would've been nice to know that after the election.'”

He also took some time to applaud BeyoncĂ©, referencing when she tipped back in her chair during the performance. “You know that chair tipping over wasn’t a special effect; it was an accident that BeyoncĂ© stopped from happening with just her fierceness,” joked Corden.

Watch Corden’s full Grammy recap in the video below:

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