Joy Villa's Grammy Trump Dress Boosts Album Sales

The attention-grabbing "Make America Great Again" dress Joy Villa wore at the Grammys appears to have led to a bump in sales for her music.

Villa's 2014 album, I Make the Static, was leading Amazon's top paid albums chart over albums from Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga.

According to Nielsen Music, based on initial sales reports, the album sold 2,000 copies on Sunday in the U.S. -- up from a negligible figure the day previous.

The use of President Donald Trump's campaign slogan on the dress she wore Sunday drew a strong reaction from Trump supporters and critics on social media.

Villa explained her decision to wear the dress in an Instagram post, writing, "You can either stand for what you believe in or fall for what you don't." She added, "agree to disagree."

Villa has a history of wearing eye-popping outfits to the Grammys. In 2015, she showed up in a dress made entirely of recycled material.

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