Jason Derulo Talks Upcoming Nicki Minaj Collab 'Swalla' on 2017 Grammys Red Carpet

Just before the 59th Annual Grammy Awards kicked off, Billboard's Adelle Platon was on-hand at the red carpet to talk with Jason Derulo

The 27-year-old spoke about his upcoming single "Swalla" with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. According to Derulo, pairing Minaj and the Taylor Gang crooner was a no-brainer. "It's one that kind of made sense," said Derulo regarding his newest collaboration. "I never believe in forcing a collaboration. You know, I'm a fan of both of theirs and I thought that they fit the track perfectly. It's one of those ones that'll get you up and doing your thing. I feel like it's gonna stick out on the radio. There's nothing that sounds like it."

As far as a video is concerned, Derulo gushed at the idea of touching on his Caribbean background for his new single.

"You know we're from the islands. So, we really took it there and it's definitely a must-see. As soon as the video comes out, make sure you're clicking," he says. 

After nailing a Nicki Minaj feature for his forthcoming project, the singer also spoke on possibly working with the "Anaconda" star on her upcoming endeavor.

"Let's see," teased Derulo. "She's working in the hometown of Miami right now. I'm there constantly, so I wouldn't see a problem with making that happen ASAP," he said.

Watch Derulo's full interview above. 


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