Grammy Awards 2017: Christina Grimmie Fans Upset After 'In Memoriam' Leaves Out Singer

Randy Ohman

Grimmie onstage at The Plaza Live on June 10, shortly before she was killed. 

Fans of The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie took to Twitter to express their frustration after the 2017 Grammy Awards seemed to have forgotten the performer in the show's "In Memoriam" segment. 

During an emotional performance of the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" by John Legend and Cynthia Erivo, a video played with clips of songs from the late Prince, George Michael, Debbie Reynolds, Leonard Cohen and more. 

Fans pointed out on Twitter that the segment missed the names of Grimmie, Carrie Fisher, the Eagles' Glenn Frey, David Bowie and Kashif Saleem. Frey and Bowie were in fact featured in last year's "In Memoriam" segment, and Grimmie was featured in a longer list of names on the Grammys website. The Emmys last year saw similar backlash when the awards show left Grimmie out of its "In Memoriam" segment, an oversight that an Emmys spokesperson attributed to being "constrained by time and space." 

Grimmie, a contestant on season six of The Voice who amassed a wide following on YouTube and went on to record two EPs, died in June 2016. She won a Teen Choice Award in 2016 and opened for Selena Gomez on tours in 2011 and 2013. 

While signing autographs for fans after a performance, Grimmie was shot by a fan. Her brother tackled the gunman, Grimmie was taken to the hospital where she died that night. Her online following has remained loyal to her and her work in the months since her passing. 

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