10 Things We're Looking Forward to at 2017 Grammys

Whether it's from knockout performances, surprises victories or insane outfits, the Grammys always get people talking -- but typically, the day-after water cooler conversation isn't something you would have guessed ahead of time (who thought Beck would beat Beyonce in 2015? Or that the usually flawless Adele would suffer from sound issues in 2016?).

Even if we can't predict with 100 percent certainly what people will be talking about Monday morning, we can share the 10 things we're looking forward to when the 59th Annual Grammy Awards roll around this Sunday (Feb. 12). Here are the performances, categories and prospects we're most excited about.

Katy Perry

Hot on the heels of her socially conscious pop single "Chained to the Rhythm," Katy Perry may be the Grammys' best bet for a political moment this year. While not explicitly partisan, her new single nods to the fact that much of our lives, and pop culture in general, seems comparatively facile as we face a troubling period in American history. Expect a subtle but pointed message during her performance.

Album of the Year Reveal 

If Beyonce finally nets a deserved album of the year win for the instantly classic Lemonade, it will be a thrilling, rewarding cap on a career that stretches back to the 20th century. If she loses, it will be a travesty, but watching the justifiable Twitter meltdown that will surely ensue will at least provide some catharsis.

Tributes to Prince & George Michael

We know the Grammys will feature tribute performances to the late British pop icon and the departed musical genius, but we don't know which performers are attached to Michael or Prince. And while it's going to be impossible for any artist to do Prince justice, admit it -- you're dying of curiosity to see who they picked to give it a go.


Beyonce's 2016 VMAs performance was arguably the greatest awards show performance by a single artist of all time. And her Super Bowl cameo last year stole the spotlight from Coldplay. Even if Bey brings half of that to the Grammys, it will be a jaw-dropper.

Best New Artist Reveal 

It's a tight race this year, but the possibility that Chance the Rapper -- who eschews major labels and has yet to sell a single album -- could win would signal that not only are times a'changing, but the Powers That Be in the music industry are finally catching up and embracing that forward motion.

Anderson .Paak & A Tribe Called Quest

While some Grammy collaborations are so random that it seems like the producers just pulled two names out of a hat (remember Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons?), whoever paired the '90s hip-hop group with the fast-ascending multi-genre talent deserves a standing applause. Whoever has to follow this funk-fused combo has their work cut out for them.

Lady Gaga & Metallica

Unlike the previously mentioned pairing, this makes absolutely no sense. And Metallica doesn't have the best history with rando matchups (while their Lou Reed album Lulu is much better than critics allow, it was inarguably confounding). Still, Gaga has long maintained her love of metal, and there's no denying her on-stage vocal punch puts her leagues ahead of 99 percent of pop stars. Will it be good? Who knows! And honestly, who cares -- it's such an insane pairing that it just might be the most essential can't-miss moment of the night, apart from the album of the year winner reveal.

Seeing If History Will Change

Beyonce, who currently has 20 Grammy wins, is up for nine awards this year. If she wins eight of those nine, she'll pass Alison Krauss to become the most-awarded woman in all Grammy history. Sure, an 8/9 victory might seem unlikely, but if ever it was going to happen in one night, it would be for this album.

The Weeknd & Daft Punk

Daft Punk rarely give performances on awards shows, or anywhere for that matter. But when they do, they hit up the Grammys (this will actually be their third time, following Grammy gigs in 2008 and 2014). Since they're paired with the Weeknd, expect to hear "Starboy," but since both artists are restless innovators, don't be surprised if the Weeknd's hit segues into something completely out of left field. 


Whatever Adele does -- sings "Hello," croons during the In Memoriam segment, flips off the crowd -- we're there for it.

2017 Grammys


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