Sofi Tukker 'Really Grateful' for Very First Grammy Nomination

Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern are taking the dance community by storm performing as Sofi Tukker, scoring a Grammy nomination for best dance recording for their track “Drinkee”

“It was the first song we wrote. It’s why we started the band, really, because we believed in the vibe,” Halpern says in Billboard's new Grammy video series. “I’m really grateful that people felt like it was impactful, and it’s been more impactful to more people than we thought it would.”

The lyrics to “Drinkee” were adapted from the Brazilian poet Chacal, played over an unstoppable blend of catchy guitar riffs, bongos and pulsing bass.

The track is from the dance duo’s EP Soft Animals -- which hit the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart -- and as they discuss who else they’ll be rooting for Grammy night, Halpern speaks of a sense of community. “I don’t feel like we’re going in super competitive. Everyone in the industry really sort of welcomed us with open arms -- at least the people we’ve come across so far and the other artists,” said Halpern. “I feel like everyone’s kind of rooting for each other. We’re just psyched and grateful, I think.”

While the nomination itself has been validating for these two, they can’t deny winning would still be very cool.

“We’d get a little shiny thing, maybe. Do you get a shiny thing?” Hawley-Weld asks.

“Yeah,” Halpern says, “a Grammy!”

Watch Sofi Tukker's Grammy moment in the video above.

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