Carla Morrison on Her Grammy Nomination: It Gives Me a 'Voice for the Voiceless'

Carla Morrison's second LP, Amor Supremo, proved to be a more prosperous effort than 2012's Déjenme Llorar, soaring to the top of the Top Latin Albums chart shortly after its release. While both albums received a Grammy nomination for best Latin rock, urban or alternative album, Morrison is eager to find out if she'll win this year, as she's aware of the impact it would have.

"[Winning a Grammy] would mean so much to me. It would be something so motivating," Morrison says in a video for Billboard's new Grammy video series. "It’s definitely something that empowers you and makes you so proud because as artists that are confronted with this society that, sometimes if you’re not in the big leagues, your art or your music is not taken seriously. Also because it gives you a voice for the voiceless and that is very important, very powerful."

She added, "As a Latin-American artist, as a Mexican woman, as a Mexican artist, an independent artist, this is something that would be very nice to me."

Morrison happened to be on tour when she found out that she had received another Grammy nomination, so she couldn't celebrate in major fashion. Although she did get the chance to "cheers" to the achievement, frankly, that just calls for more celebration if she does win this time around.

As for who else Morrison would like to see win a Grammy this year, the Latin singer finds it hard to choose -- especially between multi-category competitors Beyonce and Adele. But acknowledging what it means to simply be selected as one of music's most-acclaimed, Morrison offered a statement that's hard to contest.

"All of us are winning already, being nominated."

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