Hey Violet Talk Band Member's Departure, Holding Onto an Ex's 'Hoodie' & More

Earlier this year, Hey Violet saw band member Miranda Miller leave to group due to a "grueling" touring schedule. The band talked to Billboard backstage at this year's iHeartRadio Festival about Miller's departure calling it the "calmest way" it could've been done. Drummer Nia Lovelis explains that Miller was no longer "happy" and it was decision that they all respected. Lovelis also mentioned that they are all on good terms and still keep in contact.

The now-quartet is still going strong with their newest single, "Hoodie," which has been climbing the pop charts. The song is about breaking up with someone and still hanging onto something that belonged to them (in this case, a hoodie) in order to "remember them in a really fond way." It is also a way to score some free clothes. "That's the only reason I get into relationships is to get more clothes," jokes singer Rena Lovelis. 

Watch Hey Violet talk about their songwriting process and the dedication of their fans in the video above.