Watch Late Night Hosts Torch Disastrous Fyre Festival

Video still of Trevor Noah commenting on Fyre Festival.
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Video still of Trevor Noah commenting on Fyre Festival.

The Fyre Festival has quickly become the go-to shorthand for an epic fail. With a pending $100 million class-action lawsuit filed against organizers Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland, and the lost trust with, well, everybody, the gentle ribbing the doomed island getaway got from late night hosts on Monday night (May 1) must have felt like an application of cool aloe lotion on a third degree burn by comparison.

Here's a rundown of what Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien and Trevor Noah had to say about it.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

As usual, Fallon had the biggest, softest kid gloves, tucking in a few light jabs at the end of a monologue that was mostly Pres. Trump jokes. "It was a big disaster, the bands didn't show up, nothing was ready," Fallon said. "Now the organizers are being sued for $100 million. When asked how they're going to raise the money, they said, 'How about a music festival?'" 

(Starts at 3:08)


O'Brien also keyed in on the $100 million lawsuit, joking, "If you want to attend the trial, tickets start at $5,000... you gotta bring your own food." You know, because it was expensive... oh, never mind, just watch him explain.

(Starts at 1:38)

The Daily Show

The deepest, hardest dive came from Trevor Noah and former Chappelle's Show writer Neal Brennan, who boiled down the fest's real problem to one key issue: Ja Rule stepped out of his lane. "Man, white people love camping unless it's a surprise," Noah giggled after a montage of disgruntled attendees described the lack of adequate food, water and shelter. If only there had been a clue, any clue that things might not go well.

"You see, this is why everyone needs black friends," Noah explained. "Because if you had told black friends you were going to a Ja Rule party on an island, they would have been like, 'Yo, who's throwing that party? Ja Rule? We ain't seen Ja Rule in a decade man! Save your cash for brunch.'"

Brennan had a similar take, boiling it down to Ja Rule stepping away from the one thing we want him to do: "taking your shirt off and growl-singing at Ashanti."


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