Stockholm's Avicii Arena To Host Its First Avicii-Related Performance

Sean Erikkson


Five months after Stockholm's Ericsson Globe was officially renamed the Avicii Arena, the venue has announced its first Avicii-related programming.

On Dec. 1, the 15,000-person space will host the debut For A Better Day concert, featuring performances from largely Swedish acts including dance duo Galantis, pop artist Håkan Hellström, singer/songwriter Miriam Bryant and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, along with, organizers says, "tributes to Avicii's musical heritage as well as collaborations and surprise guests." The performance will be conducted by Stefan Olsson, who did the concert arrangements for the 2019 Avicii tribute concert in Stockholm. Programming during the concert will also include input from mental health experts and other mental health-related content.

This performance is intended to bring attention to mental health among young people and will be the first of what's planned to be an annual event. The name comes from the Tim Bergling Foundation's work with the For A Better Day, for which young people shared their thoughts on what they need to secure a better future.

"I hope we succeed in creating a feeling that we really do this together, because it is only together that we can make a difference," says Avicii's father Klas Bergling. "Young people are our future and we must be afraid for them. It is unacceptable that they are getting worse and that suicide rates are rising in that group - and it is our duty to do what we can to break that trend."

The For a Better Day Performance is being organized by the Avicii Arena and the Tim Bergling Foundation, the suicide prevention and mental health awareness organization founded by Klas Bergling and his wife Anki Lidén in the wake of their son's suicide in April of 2018. Tickets for the show go on sale tomorrow (October 13) via the Avicii Arena website.

When ASM Global, the operator of the Ericsson Globe, announced the venue's name change this past May, it was noted that the Avicii Arena will also serve as a hub for events hosted by the Foundation. Avicii played a pair of sold-out shows at the Ericsson Globe in 2012.