Nervo's New Track Is Debuting in a Surreal Art Film Made Inside a Las Vegas Super-Club: Premiere

From the art film for Nervo's "Horizon
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From the art film for Nervo's "Horizon

The dance performance video is the debut project in a new series called 'One,' produced by Proximity and Montraa.

Last year, influential dance-focused YouTube platform Proximity announced a partnership with Montraa, a new company from Omar Zabian, the former Cirque du Soleil Director of Global Events and Sr. Director Strategic Development and Partnership.

That announcement forecasted a project series called One, comprised of content focused on storytelling, music, dance and exotic locations, all with a dance music sound and Cirque du Soleil flair.

On Thursday (Oct. 7), the first installment of One arrives in the form of a stunning mini art film created within the glitzy confines of Las Vegas mega-club Omnia. Directed by Latvian-born, Los Angeles-based fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta, the dance performance video stars a pair of lithe would-be lovers brought together during a passionate encounter on the dance floor, before they're seemingly separated by the mysterious forces of fate back in the hotel lobby. Watch the clip below.

The dancers in the video move to "Horizon," a bouncy dance/pop anthem with an edge of allure that was produced by the Nervo sisters during quarantine and is premiering in this installment of One.

Altogether, the project aims to celebrate the culture of each city it makes art in while driving a message of unity, hope and love. We'd say that it captures the allure, excitement and suspension of reality that is Las Vegas quite well.