Lee Burridge & Jamie Jones Are Fusing Electronic Music With Meditation Via New App Partnership

Lee Burridge
Christian Lamb

Lee Burridge

Anyone who's ever reached a blissed out state of euphoria on the dancefloor knows that electronic music can improve your mental health -- if only for an evening. Now, two genre heavies are applying their musical output to a project designed to optimize your headspace, even while far from the club or festival.

Scene veterans Lee Burridge and Jamie Jones have partnered with the meditation platform Meya (pronounced "may-a") to bring their music to the app, which combines electronic music, meditation and, the company says, "science backed sound brainwave entrainment" to create pathways to better mental health.

Both longtime meditators themselves, Burridge and Jones have contributed original productions to the platform via their new Music Mind Journey series, with Burridge delivering a remix of "Float On" from his 2019 collaborative album Melt, and Jones offering the piano and synth-driven original production "Choice." Additional contributions will follow.

The app features a plethora of content including more than 100 guided meditations, dance sessions, vocal coaching sessions and meditations incorporating "psychoacoustic effects" to help the brain reach a state of meditative calm that can be hard to come by on one's own. 

"It took me a good few go's to crack it, and now I’m at the point I can do 30 minutes no problem," Jones tells Billboard of his own meditation practice. "It’s something I needed to do because my work and my lifestyle were becoming more and more crazy, juggling a work life, social life and love life. I wasn’t as happy as I had been, and I thought I would be at that level of success. Discovering meditation gave me something I could do that didn’t require anything except me participating on my own. Even just three minutes made a difference and could make me feel calm and happy instead of tensed."

Both producers are joining Meya as equity partners. "We are excited to have Jamie and Lee on board," says Meya founder Raffael Ricci, "not just because they are great artists but also because we share the same vision to leverage the power of electronic music and make meditation an easier and a more immersive experience."