Apashe's Latest Music Video Is a Stunning Cross Between 'Black Swan' & 'Star Wars': Watch

Karel Chladek


Conventional wisdom posits that the entertainment business can be a brutal place for up-and-coming stars.

Apashe's latest music video for "Lord & Master" takes that idea and twists it with elements of Black Swan and Stars Wars, making for a visual feast set to beats as hard as the Death Star.

In the clip, released March 30, real-life dancer Brontë Poiré-Prest gets her big break as the lead dancer in a performance in an opulent theater. But the dream turns dark when the director (played by the Dutch producer himself) and his PA goons force her to sacrifice her appearance and her artistic integrity for a different kind of performance done in homage to a (very Disney-esque) corporate overlord.

Does she fight back? Oh, yeah.

"This is the story of a young and innocent prodigious dancer, on the cusp of becoming a star," Apashe said in a statement. "During the rehearsal of her first big public appearance, she abruptly realizes that what was meant to be a beautifully orchestrated performance was in fact just a huge money-making production that prioritized profit over art -- without much care for the young star and thus shattering the whole vision she naively had of an industry she had once dreamed of becoming part of.

"She then decides to fight against it," he continued, "hoping to make a difference in a world where art is a product controlled by immense inhuman forces." "Lord and Master" comes from Apashe's 13-track album Renaissance, released in April 2020.

Is it art imitating life? You decide. Watch the video, directed by Apashe's frequent collaborate Adrian Villagomez, below.