Whiskey, Snowstorms & Studios: 7 Mau5trap Artists Share Their Favorite Label-Related Memories

Matt Barnes


Mau5trap has been a launchpad for an esteemed group of electronic artists since deadmau5 launched the label in 2007: in the past 14 years, the Canadian imprint has helped introduce the world to acts like BlackGummy, i_o, Rezz, No Mana, Attlas and many more. One-time up-and-comers have often gotten shine via the label's We Are Friends compilations, which have focused on rising mau5trap stars since the series launched in 2012.

On Friday (Feb. 12), the label will release We Are Friends Vol. 10, the latest roundup of mau5trap tracks. But this time, the 18-song collection is focused on artists who've graced the label since its early days -- and who've become scene stars in the years since. Wolfgang Gartner, BlackGummy, Tommy Trash and, of course, the label boss himself all appear on the latest We Are Friends sharing new music. (Deadmau5' contribution is “Arguru 2k19,” an edit of the random album title classic.

And as it turns out, "we are friends" isn't just a catchy slogan, it's a statement of fact. These artists have traveled the world, played major shows together and have shared peak life moments in the process. Here, seven of the artists featured on We Are Friends Vol. 10 share their favorite mau5trap-related memories.

Wolfgang Gartner

"This is my fourth release on mau5trap. The first three were collaborations with 'mau5. My favorite has to be our newest, 'Channel 43.'  We linked up again last year to write this follow-up to our last collab, 'Channel 42,' which came out in 2013. Oddly enough, I have no idea where that title came from or what it means -- it was the name of the original project file 'mau5 sent me seven years ago, and it stuck."


"This is a full-circle moment for me. My first-ever single as Rinzen came out on We are Friends Vol. 6, back in 2017. It was called 'Renegade' and was my introduction to the label. I remember how special it felt to see my name alongside so many talented artists who I'd admired from afar. Now, four years later, I'm happy to be back on mau5trap and releasing my new song ''90s Child' on the momentous We Are Friends Vol. 10."


"Man, it’s so hard to pick one favorite memory when there have been so many incredible ones with mau5trap throughout the years. One of my favorites has to be the time we played the festival Haunted Wonderland in Honolulu on Halloween. The festival was oversold and the audience was so big they covered every inch of the venue. I remember having the closing slot of the festival, right after deadmau5. That was also the year I released my first EP, Singularity, on mau5trap and the thought of playing the tracks out in front of so many people was a moment I will never forget. Seeing so many people react with such positive energy to the new music I just finished making inspired me in a way I can’t really put into words."


"Don't even know where to begin, so many of my life's greatest adventures came with the groups of people I met through mau5trap. If I had to pick two that really defined my mau5trap time though, it would be getting snowed in during the X Games in Aspen. What was supposed to be a quick in-and-out affair opening up for deadmau5 at Belly Up changed rapidly as a massive snowstorm blanketed the picturesque town. Flights for days were backed up and cancelled, and everybody was in the same situation. You'd walk laps around the town and see the same faces for day after day, night after night. It was gorgeous and surreal and a once in a lifetime circumstance. I love the cold and the winter, and was in a daydream bliss of snowbanks and whiskey.

"A second favorite memory would have to be the night I was at deadmau5's studio and we wrote 'Bad At Titles' together. What began as a simple technology test of Ableton's then-new 'link' feature, turned into a one-night start-to-finish session on a track. For many years, I had looked up to the work of deadmau5. I had played shows with the guy, had records signed to his label, and had somehow found myself swapping off synth lines in his studio. The real icing on the cake was the subsequent weekend, opening up for him at Minus Zero festival in Vermont and having him open his set with the record. A really treasured memory of mine."

Tommy Trash

"Some of my fondest mau5trap memories was writing records with i_o. His talent was undeniable and his inspiration on my creativity equally so! I feel so blessed to have shared those many sessions with such a musical force."


"I’m really thankful to be included with all of these stellar artists. 'Fly On The Wall' further explores the line between alternative and electronic for me, which is what I try to keep pushing the limits on. It’s also about a fly, and flies are pretty cool."


"Seeing deadmau5 in Manchester in 2010 blew my mind with the production and the music. Standing in the crowd as a fanboy, I could only dream of having my own music released on mau5trap. Four years later my dream came true with my first release, 'Pyara.' My favorite release on mau5trap is, funnily enough, deadmau5’s 'Arguru' from 2008, which he is releasing on this volume in an amazing 2019 edit."