That's Diplo-macy: DJ Entices You to Vote With a Saucy Selfie

Sami Drasin

Diplo photographed on Feb. 12, 2020 in Los Angeles.

Today (Oct. 23), Diplo proved that he voted in a very Diplo way: by posting a shirtless selfie with an "I Voted" sticker on his loins. Okay!

In the image, Thomas Wesley smiles for the camera, with his body (and his, uh, bulge) looking like it was run through a fun house mirror filter. His many tattoos remain in tact.

"Dropped a Major Lazer album and voted today to help make a better future for our kids," he wrote in the post, referencing the fourth Major Lazer LP, Music Is the Weapon, that dropped today.

At the uppermost level, we know Diplo has put his cowboy hat in the ring for Joe Biden, as he played a series of fundraiser events for the former Vice President and also threw down a set at the official DNC afterparty. Now that's what we call Diplo-macy.

Check out a roundup of other celebs who have voted early here.

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