What's Your Favorite New Dance Track Out This Week? Vote!

Duck Sauce
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Duck Sauce

Cleary none of us are going out to clubs and festivals right now. So what, the question remains, do we do with all this new dance music?

Indeed, these last six-plus months of quarantine have made us get creative with how to best utilize music specifically made to be heard by people gathered en masse.

In our extensive but largely nonscientific research, we've found the best current uses of house, techno, bass, trance and the like are to get your body in motion during exercise, to cathartically scream along to during your meandering pandemic car rides, to soundtrack the solo living-room dance parties you partake in two to 11 times a day in order to stay sane, and to just turn up in your headphones when you need a mental break from this wild world.

Basically, while we cannot currently move it en masse, we've gotta keep moving it -- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually -- alone. But bless up, friends, because this week has brought us six new dance tracks with which to do so.

We want to know your favorite from the week's selections, which feature Duck Sauce, Major Lazer, Whethan and more. Let us know by voting below.