Romance Sparks in New Video for Gorgon City's 'Burning': Exclusive

Gorgon City and Evan Giia
Drew Escriva & Jessie Hope Weston

Gorgon City and Evan Giia

We've all felt the heat of love -- the type that gets your heart racing, but can also burn you if you're not careful.

The torrid nature of romance is in full effect in the new video for "Burning," from Gorgon City and vocalist Evan Giia. Shot in the vast landscapes of Wyoming, the clip captures all those little moments that make falling in love so delicious -- from laughing over cocktails to taking long walks to just staring deeply into each other's eyes.

And although few affairs are without road bumps, the video shows how the challenges of love, while distressing, can also make for highly romantic reunions, with the video's couple coming back together via a burning (literally) gesture of affection. Directed by Eric Maldin, who also shot the clip for Gorgon City and Drama's 2020 single "Nobody," the new video is premiering exclusively below on Billboard Dance.

The video comes alongside the new "Terrace Dub" edit of "Burning," which extends the length and turns up the already-steamy vibe of the original.