This Is How Diplo Would Do a Super Bowl Halftime Show: 'Zombies, Glow Sticks, Helicopters & Some Animals'

Sami Drasin

Diplo photographed on Feb. 12, 2020 in Los Angeles.

Have you ever sat around and wondered how Diplo would do a Super Bowl halftime show? Or perhaps you've asked yourself, "Where does the man born Thomas Wesley Pentz keep his myriad Grammy Awards?" It's possible that you've always wondered if the cowboy producer could beat Dillon Francis in a feat of athleticism.

If you, like us, spend more time than most contemplating rhetorical questions about the musician, you're in luck.

On Friday (Oct. 9) Diplo -- in collaboration with the beloved toy brand Nerf -- dropped a new interview that addresses all of these questions and more, revealing that a Diplo Super Bowl halftime show would feature thunder, lightning, zombies, glow sticks, helicopters and animals, that he keeps one of his Grammys in the bathroom and that Dillon Francis has "very tiny legs."

All of this is revealed from Diplo's home studio while he sets up a Nerf blaster as fast as he can, completing the task in under three minutes.

The video come as part of the new Nerf House X series, which in addition to the Diplo clip also features foam-toy-centric interviews with football phenom Julian Edelman, basketball star Klay Thompson, 12-year-old professional skateboarder Sky Brown and the Mayor of Flavortown himself, Guy Fieri.

Watch the Diplo interview below.