Hear How Bronson Made Their 'Dark House' Album in an Abandoned Farmhouse

Gian Galang


Hear that and other behind the scenes stories on a new extended commentary track from the dance supergroup.

If you're like us, the self-titled debut album from Bronson has been a bright spot in a dark summer. A collaboration between Seattle-based super duo Odesza and Australian producer Golden Features, the album dropped on August 7 and features music that both incorporates and evolves each act's respective sound.

Now, we're getting more behind the scenes stories on how the album came together via a 30-minute commentary component on which Odesza's Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight and Tom Stell of Golden Features share the emotional meaning behind the album, how making this music helped them each get through challenging times and how some of it was made during a pit stop on the Australian stretch of Odesza's A Moment Apart tour, during which they spent a few days in a remote part of the country.

"We found this abandoned kind of farm housey thing that was in somewhere called The Kangaroo Valley," Stell says in the commentary. "No neighbors to the point of it being creepy. We didn't see another soul for the whole time we were there."

"It was like, the last place," says Mills, "that you'd expect people to write a dark house album."

Hear the complete commentary below.

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