Boogie, Shuffle & Slide on Into the Weekend With This Party-Ready House Mix From Weiss & Harry Romero

Peter J. Walsh


With the world's DJs holed up in their home studios, b2bs during this summer of standstill are happening only in name, with many miles separating each pair of backs. And so, we innovate.

Last week, UK producer Weiss and New Jersey's Harry Romero logged on to the Billboard Dance Instagram from their studios in Surrey and Jersey for an IG b2b during which they selected tracks for a forthcoming mix. They traded selects, offered feedback and nodded in approval and each selected song.

Today, they deliver the finished result: a nearly hour-long scintillating assemblage of house music featuring cuts and edits from Depeche Mode, Honey Dijon, Kerri Chandler, Basement Jaxx and Weiss and Romero's own massive July banger, "Where Do We Go?"

“Day to day life has changed so much in the last six months, we’ve all had to become more isolated, which has given us time for introspection," Weiss tells Billboard Dance. "We finished 'Where Do We Go?' a couple of years back and got to play it in the clubs over that time leading into lockdown and the release, so me and Harry put together this crate digging 'where do we go' mix long distance  like we were together doing a b2b. It felt amazing. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it.”

"If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would do a b2b while in New Jersey and the other DJ was in the UK I’d say you were nuts. But we did it and it came out dope!"

Slide on into the weekend with the mix below.