Pleasure or Pain? The Choice Is Yours With This New Interactive Video From Bob Moses & Zhu

Bob Moses

Bob Moses

Pleasure and pain are both common side effects of desire, with this trifecta of emotions broken down in colorful contrast via "Desire," a new collaborative single and video from Bob Moses and Zhu.

The song is a darkly vibey homage to lust and love, with its video allowing viewers to choose their own adventure in amore by pushing "pleasure" and "pain" buttons. These buttons change the colors of the video from red to blue, turn beating hearts into burning fires, transform an embracing couple into a solo figure in free-fall, make images of Bob Moses appear and disappear throughout the animated cityscape and create other effects.The clip was directed by Owen Brown of  the creative agency CTRL5.

"Desire" is the title track and lead single from Bob Moses' forthcoming album of the same name, which will be out August 28 via Domino Records. Watch the video below.