Watch Coco & Breezy, DJ Sliink & Aluna Discuss Embracing Blackness in the Dance Scene

Coco and Breezy

Last Thursday (July 2) twin sisters/producers Coco and Breezy took over Billboard Dance's instagram account for a star-packed live session.

Joining them first was Jersey Club leader DJ Sliink, who made waves last month when he talked to Billboard Dance about about the racial inequality in the global dance scene and how industry gatekeepers must do a better job of representing artists of color.

"We don't want revenge, we just want equality," the sisters echoed during the discussion. "We just want to be heard."

Together with Coco & Breezy, Sliink talked about how producers need to stop putting other producers in a box in regards to the type of music they make, how Jersey Club music has been a force for good in his life and his community and how important it is to keep the dialog of race in the dance music scene going. He also noted how mind-blowing it was to have Skrillex call him an influence during a recent Instagram Live session between the two producers.

"I got a couple of goosebumps," Sliink said of this compliment, "because I feel the same way about him."

Sliink and the sisters both had takeovers that aired on Diplo's Revolution on Sirius XM this past weekend. Coco & Breezy's newest single "Convo" was also released in late June and served as the lead song for both ABC's NYC Pride special and Hulu's PrideFest.

Joining Coco & Breezy next on IG was English artist Aluna, who's been in the spotlight recently after releasing her first tracks as a solo artist and writing an open letter regarding racial disparity in the dance scene and what can be done to create change.

"Your letter is confirmation that things need to change, and was so beautifully said," the sisters told Aluna. "You inspired us to really embrace our blackness within our dance music." The sisters revealed that they had originally planned to not put their faces on the artwork for a recent single, as in the past, people have made assumptions about the type of music they make based on their race.

"That crushes me," Aluna said in response.

The trio then discussed their own creative processes, with Coco noting how she takes Breezy's "radical ideas" and tightens them into finished tracks.

Watch the complete conversation below.


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