Trust Us, DJ Snake's New Single 'Trust Nobody' Is Pretty Major

DJ Snake
Sami Drasin

DJ Snake photographed on July 20, 2018 at Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas.

From ominous times comes ominous music. Today (June 24) DJ Snake dropped a new single "Trust Nobody", which effectively nails the doomy vibe of the current moment with brick hard beats, sirens and vocals that focus on how you can't trust, nobody.

Altogether these elements amalgamate into a massive anthem that would certainly get tens of thousands of heads banging if DJ Snake were able to play it live this summer. Alas, as that form of collective catharsis is currently unavailable, we recommend that you just turn this one up as loud as is appropriate to your current surroundings and just headbang by yourself or with a group of socially distanced friends. You may also consider turning it up in your headphones and just running as fast as you can for as long as you can. Another option is to blast it through your car speakers while driving as fast as is safely possible.

What we're saying is that the song is made for tension release, so if you have some rage to let go of, "Trust Nobody" might be your song of the summer.

The track is Snake's first release since the 2019 release of his sophomore LP Carte Blanche. It comes in what's already been a big month for the French producer, as his single "Taki Taki" Feat. Cardi B, Selena Gomez and Ozuna hit a billion streams on Spotify in early June. The accomplishment placed Snake in a small group of artists -- including The Chainsmokers, Drake and Ed Sheeran -- to have three songs hit the billion mark on the streaming platform.

Listen to "Trust Nobody" below.