Sonny Fodera Selects 10 Tracks That Define His Friendship With Touring Partner & Pal Dom Dolla

Sonny Fodera and Dom Dolla
Dane Kerr

Sonny Fodera and Dom Dolla

The duo's collaboratvie track "Moving Blind" is out today (June 26.)

Some fellow producers collaborate. Some fellow producers really vibe.

Dom Dolla and Sonny Fodera are two artists whose relationship has transcended festival stages and VIP areas to become a full-fledged dance world bromance. The pair of producers first met when Dolla asked Fodera to remix his slinky 2018 single "Take It." Fodera indeed took the prompt, and then, at their agent's suggestion, proceeded to tour the U.S. together, playing sold out shows in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

"We spent loads of time together on tour and in the studio and became close," Fodera tells Billboard Dance.

The forward facing fruit of this friendship is "Moving Blind," a new single out today via Sydney imprint Sweat It Out and Fodera's own Solotoko Records. The track truly sounds like them, fusing their darkly bumping takes on house music into a hypnotic club track with a saw blade hook. This track is just one of many that define the friendship of the two Australian phenoms. Here, in his own words, Fodera chooses the ten most essential.

Sonny Fodera Feat. Lilly Ahlberg, "The Moment"

"Opened up with this at almost every show Dom and I had together on our U.S. tour."

Sonny Fodera & King Henry Feat. Aluna George, "Before U"

"Having AlunaGeorge perform this live with me at The Shrine in L.A. for mine and Dom's sold out show was a pretty special moment!"

MK and Sonny Fodera Feat. Raphaella, "One Night"

"Dom actually remixed this one for me on our tour and played it in almost every set. You should check his remix out. Such an amazing one!"

Dom Dolla & Go Freek, "Define"

"Probably one of my favorite tracks from Dom. Such a vibe! Only heard it for the first time when he played it live on our first tour last year. The crowd went crazy."

Late Nite Tuff Guy, "Do I Believe In God"

"I dropped this tune at a show in Washington D.C. and Dom was like ‘What is this?' It’s a secret little edit of a Prince classic."

Tai Davis Feat. ZDS, "Knucklehead"

"Dom mixed this in straight after ‘Do I Believe In God’ and it went down so well! We pretty much did this mix every show on tour when we played B2B after this night."

Sonny Fodera & Dom Dolla, "Moving Blind"

"This is our first ever collaboration together, and we are buzzing for it! We made this in Brooklyn after going to a Nets game together."

Camelphat Feat. Jake Bugg, "Be Someone"

"Dom and I both played this tune in our sets when we were away on our US tour together. Definitely one of the most played and memorable tracks of the first tour we did last year."

Dom Dolla, "Take It" (Sonny Fodera Remix)

"This was my first remix of a Dom Dolla tune, and was how we first got in touch really and started working together. He asked me to remix his monster track ‘Take It’, and the rest is history!"

Fleetwood Mac, "Dreams"

"Dom surprised me one night in San Diego and dropped this as the last track when we were playing b2b. The vibe was incredible and finished off a legendary show on the rooftop at the Hard Rock in downtown San Diego. One to never forget!"