46 Black-Run Electronic Dance Labels You Can Support on Bandcamp Right Now

Flying Lotus
Renata Raksha 

Flying Lotus

This week has been hard for anyone with a working soul. The black population in the United States and beyond has taken a strong stand against police violence, only to be met with more unbridled brutality.

Here are Billboard Dance, we owe everything about the genres we love to this daring and vibrant community, so, we've compiled a list of black-run dance and electronic music labels you can support directly today and every first Friday of the month, as well as June 19th.

Black is bass. Black is lofi. Black is jazz. Black is techno. Black is house. Black is disco. Black is kuduro. Black is footwork. Black culture is the origin of electronic music itself.

Below is just a small slice of what black-run electronic labels have to offer. If you need more black electronic dance music in your life (you do), definitely look through this exhaustive Google doc, but please do enjoy our dynamic collection below as an appetizer.

Genre: “Genre-Defying Music from the African diaspora”
City: London
Who: Dego, Silhouette Brown, Kaidi Tatham, 黒舌, and more
Listen: Dego & The 2000Black Family - “The Way It Should Be, Spiritual Reconnaissance” 


AKO Beatz
Genre: Drum and Bass
City: London
Who: DJ Stretch, Alpha Omega, Tek 9, and more
Listen: AKOism Volume 2 - AKOB013


Apron Recordings
Genre: Experimental, House, Techno
City: UK
Who: Space Ghost, Brassfoot, Shanti Celeste, FunkinEven and more
Listen: Space Ghost Free 2 Be


Apt E
Genre: Miscellaneous, drum and bass
City: Seattle
Who: Apt E, Wetman and Sword of Thorns
Listen: Apt E Vol 2


Astrofever Records
Genre: Electronic, Nu Jazz
City: Casablanca
Who: Polyswitch
Listen: Polyswitch Feverish Cuts Vol. 2


Awesome Soundwave
Genre: Live techno
City: Melbourne
Who: Christopher Coe, Saytek, Hannes Bieger and more
Listen: Hannes Bieger Pele


Basement Floor Records
Genre: House, ambient, etc
City: Brooklyn
Who: Soul 2 Seoul, Steve Murphy, Tim Schumacher and more
Listen: Various - Basement Floor 02


BBE: Records
Genre: Hip hop, neosoul, breakbeat, electronic
City: London
Who: Pete Adarkwah, Ben Jolly, Pete Rock, DJ Jazzy Jeff and more
Listen: Badi & Boddhi Satva - “Virgil Abloh”


Biosoft Records
Genre: Electro, house, experimental
City: Dallas
Who: Cygnus
Listen: Cygnus Colecovisions


Boukan Records
Genre: House
City: Paris
Who: Bamao Yende, Sottoh, Jayme Silk, and more
Listen: Jaymie Silk - 13


Genre: Experimental, hip hop, jazz
City: Los Angeles
Who: Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Wajatta, Teebs and more
Listen: Thundercat It Is What It Is


Classic Music Company
Genre: House
City: London
Who: Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon, Honey Dijon, Eli Escobar and more
Listen: Dave + Sam - “You Da Shit Girl” Feat. LATASHÁ


Circadian Rhythm
Genre: Bass, Drum and Bass
City: London
Who: Last Japan, Toasty, Blackwax and more
Listen: Last Japan - “Exhale” feat. Killa P (Remixes)


Club Yeke
Genre: Afro House, Kuduro
City: London
Who: Tash LC, Jumping Back Slash, Bubas Produçoes
Listen: Bubas Produçoes Mega EP


DM Recordings
Genre: House, techno
City: UK
Who: D-Malice, Kususa and more
Listen: Silva DaDj My Electronics EP


Durban Gqom Music Concepts
Genre: Afro house
City: Durban
Who: DJ Pelco, Emo Kid and more
Listen: #GqomFridays Compilation Vol​.​3


Genre: Techno
City: NYC
Who: Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Emma Burgess-Olson, Christine McCharen-Tran and more
Listen: Vee.0nline Social Distancing EP


EA Wave
Genre: House, neosoul
City: Nairobi
Who: Nu Fvnk, Jinku, Ukweli, Hiribae and Sichangi
Listen: EA Wave & Wanja Wohoro - “Honey”


Emcee Recordings
Genre: Drum and Bass
City: London
Who: MC GQ
Listen: Blade “Up & Down / Movers & Shakers”


Equiknoxx Music
Genre: Electronic, dancehall
City: Kingston
Who: Equiknoxx, Bobby Blackbird, Shanique Marie, Gavsborg and more
Listen: Shanique Marie - “Uno” Remixes


Exit Records
Genre: IDM, drum and bass
City: London
Who: dBridge, Iota, Skeptical, Fixate and more
Listen: Fracture Hype Tracks EP


Founders of Filth
Genre: House, electroclash
City: Montreal
Who: Felix Da Housecat
Listen: Felix Da Housecat, Clarian - “Neon Flyy” ft. Blakk Hazel (FOF Remixes)


Free Love Digi
Genre: Drum and Bass, electronic
City: US
Who: Quentin Hiatus, Moralz, Thomas B and more
Listen: feat. Intrinzic Encircle E​.​P


Future Bounce
Genre: House, electronic funk
City: London
Who: Jamz Supernova, Joe Turner, Melle Brown and more
Listen: Bamz - “Dominate / Stomper”


Genre: IDM, electro, house
City: London
Who: Mr. Mitch, Otik, Nikki Nair, BFTT and more
Listen: Mr. Mitch - “Daydream of You”


Haus of Altr
Genre: House
City: NYC
Who: AceMoMa, DJ Suplex, Christy and more
Listen: AceMoMa EP 2


Hakuna Kalula
Genre: Hard Techno
City: Kampala, Uganda
Who: Slikback, Menzi, Ray Sapienz and more
Listen: Menzi Impazamo


Genre: House
City: London
Who: Funk Butcher and more
Listen: Jazzphonix - “Two Left Feet”


Inperspective Records
Genre: Ambient, Drum and Bass
City: London
Who: Chris Inperspective, Sinistarr, Early Grey and more
Listen: Lynch Kingsley Death Cycles


Inlt Blk
Genre: Afrofunk, hip hop
City: Los Angeles
Who: Ziminino, Foreignerrrrr and more
Listen: Cali Quilombo Vol. 3


Juke Bounce Werk
Genre: Juke, bounce, footwork
City: Los Angeles
Who: DJ Swisha, Teep, Los and more
Listen: JBDUBZ Vol. 7


Kiwi Rekords
Genre: UK Garage
City: London
Who: Conducta and more
Listen: Prescribe Da Vibe I'm Here EP


Mac2 Records
Genre: Drum and Bass
City: London
Who: DJ Randall, Coolhand Flex, Uncle 22, Mikey Dread and more
Listen: Madcap & Ricky Force The Allegiance Progect


Mahogani Music
Genre: House
City: Detroit
Who: Moodyman, Andres, Sheefy McFly and more
Listen: Moodyman Taken Away


Genre: Drum and Bass, IDM
City: London
Who: Alex Reece, Hidden Agenda and more
Listen: Hidden Agenda - “Dispatches”


Mother’s Finest
Genre: Electronic, techno
City: Berlin
Who: Mosco, Nico, Karima F and more
Listen: MF Compilation Part 2


Must Have Records
Genre: House
City: Atlanta
Who: Jay Simon, Seven Davis Jr., Teflon Dons and more
Listen: Jay Simon J​.​S. Edits Vol​.​1


Genre: Deep house
City: Atlanta
Who: Kai Alcé and more
Listen: Ed Nine Deep Concentration


Never Normal
Genre: Analog electronic, footwork
City: NYC
Who: Suzi Analog, DJ Earl, J Words and more
Listen: Suzi Analog Su Casa EP


Principe Records
Genre: Electronic, ambient, electro funk
City: Lisbon
Who: NÍDIA, Niagara and more
Listen: NÍDIA Não Fales Nela Que A Mentes


Rhythm Section International
Genre: Lofi beats
City: London
Who: Al Dobson Jr., Retiree, Z Lovecraft and more
Listen: MOODS Vol 1: Cool Down The Pace


Roots Underground Records
Genre: House
City: Florence, Italy
Who: Two Thou, Reekee and more
Listen: Lorenzo Morresi Internal External EP


Scuffed Records
Genre: Electro, breaks
City: London
Who: Stones Taro, Chungo, 95 Bones and more
Listen: Stones Taro Digital Vintage EP


Strictly Jaz Unit Muzik
Genre: Deep House
City: Chicago
Who: Glenn Underground and more
Listen: Glenn Underground Forgotten Art


Genre: Footwork
City: Chicago
Who: DJ Rashad, DJ Earl and more
Listen: Boylan Renegade


Understated Recordings
Genre: House
City: Los Angeles
Who: Fillup Waters, Sohmi, Lunr, Von Gold and more
Listen: Fillup Waters Warmer