Alan Walker Wants to Unite the World With His Remix of 'Time' By the 'Genius' Hans Zimmer: Exclusive

Alan Walker
Stian Andersen/Courtesy MER Recordings/Sony Music Sweden/RCA Records

Alan Walker

See exclusive behind the scenes footage from the video shoot for the Norwegian producer's take on Zimmer's classic from the film 'Inception.'

Anyone who's seen Christopher Nolans's Inception knows that the film's score is instrumental in creating the surreal dramatic tension of the 2010 sci-fi thriller. Created by film composer legend Hans Zimmer, the Academy Award winning artist behind film scores including Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Interstellar, Pirates of the Caribbean and many more, the Inception soundtrack's crown jewel is "Time," a deeply moving favorite among Zimmer fans worldwide.

As it turns out, Norwegian producer Alan Walker is among these devotees. Last week, Walker released his official remix of "Time," which turns the gracefully building composition into an uplifting, trance-inspired anthem -- all while maintaining the moody beauty of the original. The edit has racked up more than two million streams since its May 22 release.

For Walker, the worldwide pandemic felt like the right moment to release the project, with which he intends to unite and uplift listeners. The project's corresponding music video plays on these themes, with masked individuals experiencing the power of the track, even while social distancing.

"I thought about all the empty cities around the world and how nice it would be to fill the deserted areas with colorful video and music," says the video director (and frequent Walker collaborator) Kristian Berg. "The audience is already stuck indoors, only venturing on to their balconies or peering from their living room windows, so I imagined this would be a nice visual postcard from a special time in history."

Shot in London, Budapest and New York, the video's concept was adapted to accommodate closed locations and the necessity of using very small film crews.

Below, check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, as well as exclusive photos and an interview with Walker, where he discusses the cross-genre collaboration -- and why this moment of global upheaval felt like the right "time" to release it.

You've said you're a longtime fan of Hans Zimmer's. How did you link with him?

Hans Zimmer is a genius and it is such an honor to work with him. We had conversations regarding the possibility some time ago, then I got to meet him after his Barcelona concert last year. I think it would be right to say that the project officially began that day.

What are your favorite Hans Zimmer movie memories? Are you a Lion King fan? Gladiator devotee? And what's the first piece of music from him that really stood out to you?

I remember being pretty confused after watching Inception, and said to myself "I have never experienced something like this." I think probably everyone [felt] the same at the time the movie was released. Inception, Interstellar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dark Knight… I mean, all of these have been my favorites where I have been inspired and amazed by Hans Zimmer's masterpieces.

Mohammed Sarmadawy
Alan Walker

"Time" is a global fan favorite. What does the song mean to you personally?

"Time" has been one of my favorite songs and has accompanied me wherever I am, while touring and traveling the world. On the plane, driving in the car or getting ready to the stage. “Time” has probably been one of the most-played songs on my personal Spotify account. That's why I feel so honored that I got the chance to release my own version of the song, alongside Hans Zimmer.

How did it feel to have Hans' blessing for your edit?

I am very glad that he approved my version and gave me this opportunity to release this song officially.

Mohammed Sarmadawy
Alan Walker

If you had to make a soundtrack for a movie about COVID-19, what would it sound like?

I think the "Time" remix is the answer. The song came to life in a time that we were living [through] a pandemic. It reflects the urge to unite and be strong together. With the music video, we wanted to create a unique experience that would give hope to anyone watching it.

Are there any other projects from you that we should be on the watch for?

World of Walker never stops. So stay tuned! And I would also like to thank everyone who has been a great support to me from the first day I started making music. I hope to see you guys soon, and stay safe.