Studio 54 Is Launching a Record Label Focused on Modern Disco

Studio 54
Richard Drew/AP/Shutterstock

New York's Studio 54 in 1978.

Even for those of us born much to0 late to step into the club, the name Studio 54 conjures images of late nights, packed dancefloors, impossibly glamorous people and glorious, glorious disco.

While the club closed its doors forty years years ago, the spirit of the iconic venue is staying alive through the new label, Studio 54 Music. The imprint will feature modern disco and disco infused with genres like pop, hip-hop, house music and indie.

The label's first release is Night Magic Vol. 1, a four-track EP out tomorrow (May 22) featuring disco hits  from the club's heyday -- T Connection's "At Midnight," Brainstorm's "Lovin' is Really My Game" and more -- reimagined by musicians including Tower of Power lead singer Tom Bowes, frontwoman of disco/house outfit Escort Nicki B and Hamilton musician Jonny Dinklage.

Night Magic was also the name of the Brooklyn Museum exhibition celebrating the club that was postponed due to COVID-19. The exhibition was set to display photography, fashion, drawing, film and never-before-exhibited costume illustrations, set proposals and designs to contextualize the club within the wider history of New York.