Gryffin to Debut Concert Film 'Gravity Live From The Shrine': Find Out How to Watch

Koury Angelo


Watch the trailer for the forthcoming full-length movie, filmed last October in Los Angeles.

Last October 11-12, Gryffin took over Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium with his massive Gravity II tour. In addition to showcasing many of Dan Gryffin's most celebrated songs -- "All You Need to Know," "Desire," "Heading Home" and "Hurt People" among them -- the concert brought the audience on a ride through space and time with a celestially-themed visual show exploring the origins of the universe.

"The idea of taking people on a journey from the beginning of the universe and showing how long it took, and how many things happened in between the Big Bang and present-day Earth, will hopefully leave people feeling more connected to each other and the universe at the end of the show," the tour's Creative Director Jordan Rosenheck told Billboard Dance last December.

But with social distancing currently making that sense of human connection more challenging, Gryffin and his team are building a proverbial campfire to gather 'round with the forthcoming concert film Gryffin: Gravity Live from the Shrine.

Premiering via YouTube on Saturday, May 9 at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET, the full-length film captures the show in all of its cosmos-exploring glory. Featured in it are the special guests, the live band, the pyrotechnics, the LEDs, the lasers and the awe-inspiring amalgamation of all these elements combined. Even though we all can't be together right now, the hope is that the film will make viewers feel less disconnected.

This appointment viewing is happening on Gryffin's YouTube page, and eager attendees can RSVP for the event here. In the meantime, watch the film's trailer and see its striking poster below.

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